Kuruma Marthudunera Ltd

Working together as a community to establish a solid foundation towards independence,
community wellbeing, cultural identity, and healthy Country now and for future generations.

Who are we?

Kuruma Marthudunera Limited (KML) is the Trustee or Money Custodian of Robe River Kuruma (RRK) People’s money and funder of RRK Aboriginal Corporation and RR Services operations and projects.  KML is one of the few Aboriginal Trusts in Australia that is led and managed by Traditional Owners.

The role of KML

Established as the Trustee company for the Kuruma Marthudunera people in 2010, following the execution of the Rio Tinto Claim-Wide Participation Agreement, the KML board is responsible for ensuring that Trust funds are managed in accordance with the Trust rules and utilised for the benefit of RRK People, by:

  • overseeing the deposit of mining-derived compensation and royalties into two trusts, the KM Charitable Trust (made up of a Future Fund and a Projects Fund) and the KM Direct Benefits Trust;
  • growing the Future Fund with support from an Investment Advisor;
  • funding RRKAC and RRS for the delivery of administrative and member services and projects; and
  • facilitating direct payments to KML members.

KML location within the structure of the RRK Group

The Board of KML

The KML Board is comprised of three TO Directors (including one Director of RRKAC who sits on both boards as the ‘Cross-over’ Director) and two Independent Directors.

KM Traditional Owner Council

The KML board is answerable to the KM Traditional Owner Council (TOC). The TOC is made up of 12 members, two each from the six apical KM family groups.  The TOC members are appointed from the Traditional Owner Group by their respective family groups.

The TOC meets twice a year to consider any proposed changes to the KM Trust Deeds and Trust Policies, review the KML Annual Plan and make decisions on member distributions.

Current Membership of the TOC [2024]

Apical Ancestor Member Proxy (if member unavailable)
Minnie 1. Deanna McGowan 1.
2. Roy Evans 2.
Rosie 1. Gloria Lockyer 1. Sara Slattery
2. Annalee Lockyer 2.
Tumbler 1. Alma Tumbler 1.
2. Clinton Tumbler 2.
Bobby 1. Naomi Bobby 1.
2. Valerie Alexander 2.
Alec 1. Jordon Alec 1. Josie Alec
2. Adrianna Irvine-Stanes 2. Aiden Irvine
Ruby 1. Elaine James 1. Jurayah Wiggan
2. Pamela James 2. Claudine James

KML Executive – Chief Trust Officer

Tahnee can be contacted about any KML related matters at cto@kmlimited.com.au or 0400 748 426

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