RRK Youth Council

Working together as a community to establish a solid foundation towards independence,
community wellbeing, and cultural identity now and for future generations.

Robe River Kuruma Youth Council

The RRK Youth Council is a representative council of the RRK young people aged 15 to 25, who aim to foster and encourage emerging leaders to speak up and have a voice about the needs and aspirations of RRK young people.

Our Vision

For our Culture to be alive and strong within the Robe River Kuruma youth

For our Education and Training to engage our youth to learn and develop skills to be our future leaders

For our Social and Emotional Wellbeing to be strong, healthy and connected to community, now and for future generations


  • Represent RRK young people.
  • Consult on co-designed solutions to enhance the development of RRK young people.
  • Support RRK young people through leadership, mentoring and advocacy.
  • Develop leadership potential and fulfil leadership positions in the local community.
  • Identify the needs and aspirations most important to young people, and deliver related programs, projects and events to address these.
  • Encourage and support change in the RRK and broader community.
  • Develop a strong bond between RRK young people and community to engage them in community and culture.
  • Support our Elders to preserve our traditions, culture and language for future RRK members.

Nomination Form

To join the RRK Youth Council please complete and return a nomination form to youthcouncil@rrkac.org.au

RRK Youth Council Nomination Form

Elected Youth Members

At our AGM in November 2019, the following Youth Members were elected by our community to represent our young people as Elected Youth Members within the Robe River Kuruma Youth Council. Following the AGM in January 2020, the Elected Youth Members voted for the Youth Council’s Governance positions. Congratulations to all Elected Youth Members and those voted into their Governance positions.

  • Emma Jean Evans – Chairperson
  • Latisha Evans – Vice Chairperson
  • Dannika Farmer – Secretary
  • Adrianna Irvine-Stanes – Treasurer
  • Daniel Farmer
  • Rehanni Papae-Lockyer
  • Jada Papae-Lockyer
  • Roydon Evans
  • Kelsey Narrier
  • Marlene Narrier

Each year, 5 of these Elected Youth Member terms expire and Youth Members involved in our Youth Council are eligible to nominate themselves for community vote at the RRKAC AGM. Our next AGM will be in November 2020.

For more information regarding the Terms of Reference for the RRK Youth Council, please refer to the RRK Youth Council Agreement.

RRK Youth Council Projects

The RRK Youth Council is currently working on the development and implementation of a number of exciting programs for our RRK young people and community. Some of these include:

The beginning of our vision