Pilbara Aboriginal Youth Council

Pilbara Aboriginal Youth Council

Robe River Kuruma Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (RRKAC) and the Robe River Kuruma Youth Council are seeking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, aged 15 to 25, from across the Pilbara to establish the Pilbara Aboriginal Youth Council.

We are encouraging young people from each language group to be a representative on the Pilbara Aboriginal Youth Council, to ensure we have a collective voice. As the emerging leaders of tomorrow, we aim to ensure we are skilled in leadership, organisation, governance, advocacy and negotiation to fulfill our future roles.

We will be developing a forum to identify the needs and aspirations most important to young people in the Pilbara. We will then engage with Local, State and Federal Government, other regional representative bodies, and youth service providers within the Pilbara, to consult on matters that directly affect Aboriginal young people, and seek to co-design solutions to address these needs and aspirations.

First we need to establish an inaugural Youth Council, to further develop our purpose, mission, structure and charter before we develop the first Pilbara Youth Report and Pilbara Youth Strategy Plan.

Expression of Interest Form

To join the Pilbara Aboriginal Youth Council, please complete an Expression of Interest Registration Form and return to youthcouncil@rrkac.org.au