Cultural Heritage

Working together as a community to establish a solid foundation towards independence,
community wellbeing, and cultural identity now and for future generations.

Cultural Heritage

RRKAC provides cultural heritage services to preserve, protect and promote Robe River Kuruma Country on behalf of the Robe River Kuruma people.

These services include:

  • Conducting surveys to help protect Country and sites
  • Identifying, mapping and protecting sacred sites
  • Delivering cultural awareness training
  • Undertaking projects to capture, transfer and promote traditional knowledge and wisdom
  • Implementing and monitoring activities associated with agreement compliance.

The work undertaken by cultural heritage team, to preserve and protect cultural heritage places includes both the ‘tangible’, such as archaeological sites and the ‘intangible’ such as cultural, spiritual and dreaming places.

The cultural heritage team has also explored opportunities to use traditional knowledge in a manner that both cares for RRK Country and provides a revenue stream for Traditional Owners through the Caring for Country Program. This program has seen RRK people engaged in a range of environmental management services

To assist RRK people to access the important cultural places on their traditional country, including on Yarraloola Station and Yalleen Station, Land Access Protocols have been prepared. A copy of these can be obtained by contacting the RRKAC office and speaking to the Cultural Heritage department.

RRK people seeking to visit a pastoral station must contact the relevant station manager at least 48 hours before the visit.

Yarraloola Station
Ph: 9184 5136

Yalleen Station
Ph: 9184 5140

Kuruma Word Lists

Pilarnasummer clouds/summer rain
Manturangucloud over a hill
Puntulucloud over a hill range
Kantarralight clouds
Wananguwinter rain
Purlungrain falling along a hill
Yirapinpalightning flash in cloud
Kawangkacold south wind
Yilkarri (Sky) 
Kinarrahalf moon
Warrilangu hazy circle around the moon
Nguku star
Pintirievening star
Thulpurra morning star
Karruwarrafalling star/meteorite
Thurra firelight
Jurntahot coals
Pitingudistant glare from fire at night

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